Create space for Nature

Add Natural Value for the future. Show respect and protect the natural environment. 'Don't kill the goose with the golden eggs!'

Tweak the system

The landscape is a manifestation of systems. Water systems, soil systems, migration patterns, traffic movements, social interactions, etcetera. Key to successful interventions is to work with those systems; using, improving, optimizing their strengths and merits rather than fighting against them. We aim for smart solutions that cause positive and self-strengthening change within as well as between systems.  

Location, location, location

The location itself is our main source of inspiration. Every site has its own identity and character, it is our task to find it and to articulate it through design. The abstraction and reinterpretation of existing setting, features and narratives lies at the heart of our design approach.

Look around, dig in!

Landscape is fascinating. Be it the city or a more natural environment, there is so much to see, learn and explore. We never stop, there is always a hidden treasure waiting to become an inspiration. Just around the corner, covered in layers of soil or hidden in an archive. We follow different routes and set up different experiments, there is never a straight line to the end result.

History ain’t bunk

We respect, value and learn from the past. Old parks, gardens, cemeteries, archeological sites and the like are part of our heritage and deserve our special attention. Being part of natural and cultural processes of change, these sites require an approach that recognizes and consolidates their historical value, but is also able to secure and continue it into the future.  A transformation of old and new into a balanced and meaningful whole is what we aim for.

Clean Up!

It all starts with a good clean-up. By decluttering, organizing and simplifying we create space.

KISS! Keep It Simple, Stupid!

We like our design to fit in; to comply with the surroundings and the general atmosphere. We strive for our designs to be timeless. This calls for simplicity and robustness: one simple idea that is properly carried through and supports all aspects of the project. Less is more.

Change climate

We’ve entered a new era: the Anthropocene, in which climate change is inevitable. The human influence on our living environment has never been bigger. We seek to turn this influence (from defensive solutions) into new adaptive strategies and work towards resilient landscapes.

Design opportunities, not obligations

We don’t like to tell people how to use space. We rather offer them the possibilities and cues to use a space the way they deem fit. Our designs trigger curiosity, activate creativity and stimulate spontaneity, they never prescribe use.

Plant trees!

Trees are unbelievably important. They provide oxygen, combat climate change, give shade, make habitats, prevent erosion, form habitats, mark the seasons, add unity, provide wood, increase property values et cetera. So, plant trees!

Age well

Completion is not the end stadium of design. We like our designs to grow and ripen over time. By choosing high quality, sustainable materials that age with beauty and fit their purpose.

Better Together

Teamwork is a key ingredient of our work. We believe that innovative ideas and powerful design arise through intense and equal collaboration with clients, team members and consultants. From beginning to the end. The success of a project depends on everyone involved: it is a team effort.