Amsterdam, NL 52° 23' 3.5794", 4° 54' 2.9124"

Eye Plein

In the bend of the river IJ, only two minutes by ferry from Amsterdam Central Station, lies the new Film Institute EYE, a design of Austrian firm Delugan Meissle Associated Architects.

Amsterdam Eye Square - Landscaping by LANDLAB
Amsterdam, NL
City of Amsterdam, Noordwaarts
Squares and Plazas
urban transformation
Delugan Meissle Associated Architects
< 1ha
2008 - 2012

A remarkable building, some kind of futuristic ‘earth ship’ that directly faces the water. Here LANDLAB designs a sober square like a shore:  a series of lazy sloping concrete plateaus where visitors find their own spot in the sun, relax and enjoy the view. Almost silently the public space continues into exhibition space. The backside of the museum connects to the green shore park and becomes one with other the Overhoeks buildings. 

LANDLAB EYE Square_photo by Mark Hell
LANDLAB EYE Square by bike
LANDLAB EYE Square from above
LANDLAB EYE Square man alone
LANDLAB EYE Square aerial_photo by John Gundlach
LANDLAB EYE Square sailing in LL©
LANDLAB EYE Square sunbathing
LANDLAB EYE Square orange man LL©

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