Hoofddorp NL 52° 20' 4", 4° 39' 6.9"


Estate Wickevoort is a transformation from a care institute to a neighbourhood.

Hoofddorp NL
AM Vastgoed
Living and Working in Green
climate adaptation, spatial strategy
Sweco, Venhoeven CS, Meike van Stiphout, Joop Slangen, M3H architects, Heren 5 architects, Studio Prototype, Braamkma & Roos architects, MIX architects, FAAM architects, Ymere
> 10ha
2015 - present

Estate Wickevoort is a transformation from a care institute to a neighbourhood. The famous landscape architect Hans Warnau made a design for the care institute ‘SEIN’ for epilepsy patients in the 60’s. The institute is shrinking and this creates room for a new living neighbourhood. On the modern estate, you live inside different landscape types to experience the great outdoors of; the forest, the orchard, the allotment garden, and along the water or avenue of trees. When you enter the estate you won’t see any cars, because they are parked behind mixed hedges. The streets are shared spaces, with room for pedestrians, cyclists, and car drivers. At strategic points, apartment blocks are placed as landmarks for orientation. Two natural corridors are added next to the existing forest belt, a forest (for birds and small mammals) and pond with planting along the shore (for amphibians).
LANDLAB has been involved from the very start of this project and made the landscape quality plan. LANDLAB now works on the development of different phases. From the urban plan, playground design, street profiles to inner gardens. 

Wickevoort site aerial
Wickevoort Plan
Wickevoort diagrams
Wickevoort green parking spaces
Wickevoort construction process
Wickevoort trees
Wickevoort gardens

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