Amsterdam NL 52° 22' 7.0543", 4° 55' 45.1751"


Funenpark is located to the east of central Amsterdam where there is a high population density of 550 dwellings per 4 hectares. The design of this former industrial site, aims to enhance the spatial experience.

LANDLAB FUNEN_ near NL block_photo by Jeroen Musch
Amsterdam NL
Gemeente Amsterdam, Hijmans Ontwikkeling
Living and Working in Green
climate adaptation, urban transformation
OSLO - Martien van Osch Frits van Dongen ArchitectenCie
Golden Pyramid 2011, Dutch Design Award 2007
1999 - 2013

The buildings are set amidst a grass park containing 170 Locust trees and the award winning 5-sided flagstones designed by LANDLAB in partnership with Martien van Osch. The absence of cars, the unusual form of the flagstones and the open gardens at ground level enhance the feeling of living in a sweeping green and tranquil park where children can play freely. To realise this project LANDLAB teamed up with the municipality of Amsterdam, Architect/Urban planner Frits van Dongen, 9 other architects and project developer Heijmans.

LANDLAB FUNEN concept schemes
LANDLAB FUNEN_NL block high_photo by Jeroen Musch
LANDLAB FUNEN seen from above
LANDLAB over Funen_photo by Jos Heijnen
LANDLAB FUNEN plinth_photo by Anne ten Ham
LANDLAB FUNEN modern facades_photo by Mark Hadden
LANDLAB FUNEN paths_photo by Anne ten Ham
LANDLAB FUNEN kids plays_photo by Jeroen Musch

We believe in new dwelling concepts and climate adaptation. What about you?