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ARTIS Bird House

The restoration and renewal of the Bird House, where the classical zoo lay-out is inverted. 

LANDLAB ARTIS Bird House in sun
Amsterdam NL
ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo
Zoo and Botanical Gardens
heritage, zoo design
Rappagne & partners – restoration architecture
< 1ha
2008 - 2011

The restoration and renewal of the Bird House together with the Forest House is the first project part of ‘ARTIS renews’. The new design in an inversion of a classical zoo-lay-out: the cages gone, visitors now walk along the shaded edges, the animals have ample space to move around freely. People can almost touch them and look out over three theatrical landscapes from behind a dainty designed railing.

Every landscape has a different rock typology. A connecting water stream springs in the dessert, widens in the tropical jungle and flows into a rocky coastal area. The rocks are custom designed by LANDLAB and built by an international expert team. 

The arches and roof-lights of the monumental building are visible again. Architectural restoration of the Bird- and Forest House is done by Rappagne and Partners Architects. 100 years ago B.J. Ouëndag designed these monuments in a so-called ‘gallery style’.

LANDLAB ARTIS Bird House with birds and people
LANDLAB ARTIS Bird House under construction
LANDLAB ARTIS Bird House red rocks
LANDLAB ARTIS Bird House in sun birds black
LANDLAB ARTIS Bird House corridor
LANDLAB ARTIS Bird House looking on®Anne ten Ham
LANDLAB ARTIS Bird House outside
LANDLAB ARTIS Bird House plan drawing

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