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Plein van de Stad

To turn the market square into Square of the City means: a place for everyone, in true Apeldoorn fashion. The beating heart of the city that makes your heart beat faster.

LANDLAB_Plein van de Stad_autumn view_2018
Apeldoorn NL
City of Apeldoorn
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climate adaptation, urban transformation
< 1ha

A sheltered and green square with space for a (farmer’s)market, the occasional party event, and ample activity at market-free-days! Where you can comfortably sit and work among the flowers, have a drink at the terraces under the trees, splash in the fountain, climb on the boulders and play at the swings in the Huuske-construction. How to prepare this local recipe? Six local ingredients together make the new square: an enlarged roof-construction of the Apeldoorn House; lush green framing the place; gravel verges related to the historical quarries; wells and water streams connecting Veluwe and Ijssel, straight through town; royal gardens inspired by the Palace Het Loo; and naturally the people of Apeldoorn, activating it all. Welcome to the Square of the City!   

LANDLAB_Plein van de Stad_exploded view 2018
LANDLAB_Plein van de Stad_PLAN 2018
LANDLAB_Plein van de Stad_entrance view_2018
LANDLAB_Plein van de Stad_water view_2018
LANDLAB_Plein van de Stad_cross section
LANDLAB_Plein van de Stad_christmas view_2018
LANDLAB_Plein van de Stad_heart diagram text_2018

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