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Urban ClimAdApp

an app to detect and adapt to climate change in the urban context of Amsterdam

LANDLAB in Broken Hill
Amsterdam NL
Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Studies (AMS)
climate adaptation
Sanda Lenzholder - WUR land.arch. Gert-Jan Steeneveld - WUR meteorology Natalie Theeuwes - WUR meteorology Gert Sterenborg - app development
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The city of Amsterdam faces adverse urban climate effects that need adaptation. Urban climate adaptation helps to avoid and/or minimise the damage done to urban facilities and networks. The damage that is to be expected, is higher than the investments in adaptive measures. In order to create awareness of urban climate change, and introduce small-scale interventions for Amsterdam citizens to take, AMS (Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Studies) stimulates the development of the CLIMADAPTOOL – a data system and smartphone app.
This includes an Urban Climate Map with urban heat classes and wind nuisances zones. The smartphone user can pinpoint his location and then gets an overview of local measures: a catalogue of possible urban planning and design interventions, to minimise the negative phenomena (e.g. heat, flooding, wind nuisance) and enhance the positive ones (e.g. ventilation).      

LANDLAB and WUR for AMS - communication strategy
LANDLAB and WUR for AMS - force field analysis
LANDLAB and WUR for AMS - ClimAdApp map amsterdam.jpg
LANDLAB and WUR for AMS - adapation strategy blue
LANDLAB and WUR for AMS - adapation strategy green
LANDLAB and WUR for AMS - app view

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