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Leiden Bio Science Park
1st prize, new campus design: student housing in climate adaptive environment
in collaboration with Venhoeven CS and Paul de Ruiter architects
Leiden NL
52° 9', 4° 27'
At our desk since 2018
CONTREI LIVE kunstenparcours LEIEDAL
Artificial intervention for Contrei live summerfestival LEIEDAL
GAVERSTAETE: Don't kill the goose with the golden eggs!
Kortrijk België
50° 50', 3° 20'
 Alternative text Short description of the image used by screen readers and displayed when the image is not loaded. This is important for accessibility. LANDLAB 2019 Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam Three Climate Greenhouse_viz tropics
Hortus Botanicus The Three Climate Greenhouse
landscape design for the renewal of the iconic greenhouse by ZJA architects,
including a South African fynbos ecosystem
Amsterdam NL
52° 22', 4° 54'
LANDLAB 2018 Waldschap Bosrijk
Buurtschap Waldschap
1st prize; the new heart of Bosrijk, a neighbourhood based on The Natural Step
in collaboration with MIX architecture, Merosch and LPM development
Eindhoven NL
51° 26', 5° 24'
LANDLAB Van Leeuwenhoekpark Delft 1. zicht uit delft
Van Leeuwenhoekpark
climate adaptive park design for Delft's new quarter
Delft NL
52°, 4° 21'
LANDLAB 2017 Landgoed Larenstein 2
Landgoed Larenstein
Master Plan for Hogeschool VanHall, Helicon, Studio26
Velp NL
51° 59', 5° 57'
LANDLAB in Broken Hill
Urban ClimAdApp
an app to detect and adapt to climate change, for AMS
Amsterdam NL
52° 22', 4° 53'
LANDLAB Andreas blue garden
Andreas Ensemble
architecture by Geurst & Schulze
Amsterdam NL
52° 21', 4° 50'
LANDLAB OEVERHOEK courtyard garden yellow from above_photo by Jeroen Bosch
Overhoeks Courtyards
ING real estate, IJmere
Amsterdam NL
52° 23', 4° 54'